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Luxury Wedding Planners

Luxury Branding and Website for Wedding Planner and Event Organizers in Dubai

Luxury Web Design and Development in Dubai


Dubai Wedding Team is one of the most crowned wedding and event planners in Dubai. They offer highly customisable and luxury wedding event themes. Located in world’s most trending tourist spot, Dubai Wedding Team have offices across the globe and offer services to clients worldwide. Their speciality is destination wedding and they have a number of perfectly organised weddings and events in their portfolio.

Dubai Wedding Team Design


As a luxury services provider Dubai Wedding Team needed a branding and identity design to match their quality. They wanted a highly polished and perfect website that not only looks good but performs exceptionally well across all major platforms. They never had a logo or identity designed before and so were looking for a major come back with a perfect branding and website that not compliments their business but also attracts eyes.

Luxury Branding and Identity Design for Dubai Wedding Team

Brand New

An updated logo and brand mark


A Symbol of Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening, Guidance, Protection, & Watchfulness.

Offering professional Branding and Identity design is what we do at Cleverkites. When we received the project brief the first thing that strike us was offering premium design and elegant brand identity. We started to build some concepts and sketches that portrayed the company niche with a class of presentation. After shortlisting we came up with a mark that signified royalty, a beautiful vision, a sense of guidance. The final Dubai Wedding Team Logo portrays an identity that has a peacock forming initials of the name i.e “d” & “w’. The wings also showcases unity and team work. As a result the final logo was a meticulously crafted concept into reality.

Luxury Branding Agency Dubai
Logo Design Dubai


We carefully created the visual identity that engages the users in a new visual storytelling artwork and is clearly visible of what it has to offer. We not only delivered a perfect world class identity design but also offered a website and marketing strategy that helped the company grow. The overall website experience was smooth, approachable, elegant and easy to follow.

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It is such a good and heartwarming feeling to have a partner like Cleverkites in the business. I met so many people who do not know what they are doing. Or others who know, but are not reliable at all. Your responsiveness and professionalism puts you above and beyond of everyone. Overall design is just fantastic.

Gabor Gyori, Managing Director at Dubai Wedding Team


Dubai Wedding Team has an array of service offerings and also serves multiple locations. The website needed to accommodate all the necessary information yet make it look clean and professional. After number of iterations and design inputs the final website that we provided was not only beautiful but aesthetically pleasing. Website dimensions, font sizes, white spaces and readability are some of the many factors that were worked upon accurately. The final result was much appreciated.

Website Design for Wedding Event Planners in Dubai
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